Regional Investment Corporation calls Orange home

The official opening of the Regional Investment Corporation’s (RIC) headquarters in Orange today demonstrates our long-term partnership with rural and regional Australia.

The RIC is a new corporate Commonwealth entity that provides smart finance to farmers in need, and state governments for transformative water infrastructure projects.

The official proceedings were conducted by RIC CEO, Bruce King and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, David Littleproud MP.

“We’re a professional mix of locals, people who have moved to Orange for the opportunity, and staff who work at different locations across Australia,” Bruce King said.

“As a new organisation, our focus is delivering a high quality of service to those who need our loans and looking at opportunities where we can drive further investment outside the capital cities.

“Being in a region like Orange puts us in direct touch with the types of communities we’re supporting and is a daily reminder of what we are here to do. A simple conversation at the swimming club or school drop off about how our finances are helping farmers recover from drought is hard to get from an office tower in Sydney or Canberra.

“If our investment can help the ag sector innovate and grow then we’re doing our bit to build vibrant communities which in turn creates a compelling reason to return home for some, and for others, every reason to stay.”

The RIC’s Human Resources Manager, Ben Casey HR relocated from Sydney to Orange for the opportunity.

“After spending many years working in Sydney I was keen to find a rewarding corporate role that allowed me to maintain my commitment to public service whilst benefiting from a healthier work life balance.

“I held a long-term aspiration to move regional, seeking solid employment accompanied by a welcoming country ‘vibe’ and a relaxed lifestyle. Orange has delivered on all fronts,” Ben Casey said.

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