RIC board welcomes final member Sharon Starick

On behalf of the Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) board, I’d like to warmly welcome our final member, Sharon Starick.

In partnership with her husband, Sharon runs a combined cereal and pork business in the Murraylands in South Australia. She brings not only practical on-farm knowledge, but 20 years’ experience with industry bodies, natural resource management groups, government boards and other private and public organisations.

It's clear from her skills and experience that Sharon lives and breathes agriculture. She knows how intertwined the growth of this sector is, with the growth of Australia’s rural and regional communities. And, like the rest of the board, and the RIC team, she wants to make a real difference.

Statement can be attributed to David Foster, chair of the Regional Investment Corporation.

About the RIC

The Regional Investment Corporations provides alternative finance options for farmers in need, and state and territory governments for transformative water projects. We opened on 1 July 2018. For more information visit ric.gov.au​.

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