RIC’s regional team set to expand

The Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) has kicked off a significant recruitment campaign which will see three executive directors appointed and more than 80 positions advertised over coming months at the Orange NSW-based organisation.

The regional recruitment campaign follows an additional $50 million in operational funding over four years from 2020-21 that has been allocated by the Federal Government to meet the strong demand for its low interest loans for farmers and farm-related small businesses.

RIC Chief Executive Officer Bruce King said recruiting the new roles is essential to meet the demand for the RIC’s affordable loans and would appoint team members to operate from either its headquarters in Orange NSW or remotely across Australia.

“The RIC has received an incredible amount of demand for our loans, so expanding our team will support us to deliver loans for farmers and farm-related small businesses in a timely way,” said Mr King.

“The recruitment campaign has already started with three executive director roles to lead the organisation’s delivery strategy, followed by more than 80 additional permanent and fixed term roles to be advertised over coming months.

“The RIC currently has just over 30 permanent and fixed term staff, with the majority based in Orange NSW. We also currently have almost 60 regionally based labour hire contractors that have commenced with us this year to support the immediate demand.

“We’re pleased to have a regionally focused workforce because it is where our customers are located, so understanding their environment and needs are important.

“We’re also pleased to provide valuable employment opportunities in regional Australia and anticipate that we will have a workforce of more than 110 permanent and fixed terms roles by the end of this financial year.”

The types of roles that will be available will be across the RIC’s credit and loan processing, quality assurance, human resources, governance, information technology, finance and administration over coming months.

For more information on RIC recruitment, see www.ric.gov.au/employment

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About the Regional Investment Corporation
The Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) is a federal government-backed specialist finance provider for farmers and farm-related small businesses. For the 2020-21 financial year, the RIC has approved more than 360 total loans valued at over $370 million (as at 30 September 2020). Since its inception on 1 July 2018, the RIC has approved total loans valued at more than $1.26 billion as at 30 September 2020.