4 quick tips for an effective RIC loan application

It’s important to complete and sign a RIC loan application form before submitting so we can start assessment as quickly as possible. The process will take longer if your application is missing information or is unclear.

Here are our top 4 tips for filling out RIC loan application forms.

  1. Don’t leave anything blank
    Write ‘Not Applicable’, or ‘N/A’ if the section doesn’t apply to you. If an area is blank we will need to contact you to check if you’ve missed something.
    Make sure you have signed the application form before submitting it.
  2. Make sure the application details match your Driver Licence and ASIC records
    We will need to contact you if these details do not match, this will slow down the process.
  3. Label attachments clearly
    Label attachments and supporting documents with the section they apply to.
    For example: “Smith Drought Management Plan PART I.pdf”
    Our team can assess your application faster if information is easy to find.
  4. Submit all pages of the application form
    If a section doesn’t apply to you, still submit the page with the application.
    Mark each section with ‘Not Applicable’, or ‘N/A’.
    We will contact you if we think a page is missing and this will slow down the process.


It is important to remember that a RIC application process will not begin until the application is assessed as complete.

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