Online applications open for all loan products

After launching online AgriStarter Loan applications in February, the RIC is now offering online options for its other products, the Drought Loan, AgBiz Drought Loan and Farm Investment Loan.

These application forms are designed to improve the customer experience by making it faster and easier for the applicant.

The online form will help eliminate some of the common mistakes made in hard copy application forms, which can lead to delays during assessment.

There are no changes to the information you need to supply and we will continue to accept hard copy and PDF application forms.

Features included in the online forms include:

  • Help with required information
    If you leave any required sections blank or fill them out incorrectly, you will be prompted. The form will also ask you to upload required supporting documents.
  • Save your application and finish it later
    If you don’t have time to fill out your form in one sitting, you can come back to it later. Each time you click NEXT, the form will automatically save your information. If you need to end your session, click SAVE AND EXIT and your application will be saved. If you leave an application in draft, you will receive reminder emails to complete your application. 
  • Information security
    Keeping your personal details secure is our top priority. The security of this form follows Australian Government security standards. You will also be able to download a PDF of all information submitted for your records.

To find the correct online application form, click on your chosen loan product and the link will be located on that page.

If you have any technical difficulties filling in the form, contact us at