RIC updates

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Online applications open for all loan products

After launching online AgriStarter Loan applications in February, the RIC is now offering online options for its other products, the Drought Loan, AgBiz Drought Loan and Farm Investment Loan.

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RIC online application forms: what you need to know

The AgriStarter Loan application form is now available online. Here are some quick tips to help you submit all required information so we can complete your loan assessment as quickly as possible.

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Online form for AgriStarter Loan now available

We now have an online version of our AgriStarter Loan application form. This will make applying for an AgriStarter Loan faster and easier for our customers.

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The settlement process

Settlement is the final step in the RIC loan process. Times will differ depending on each individual application, but there are things you can do to help speed up the process. 

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4 quick tips for an effective RIC loan application

It’s important to submit a complete RIC loan application form so we can start assessment as quickly as possible. Here are our top 4 tips for filling out RIC loan application forms.

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Our loans at a glance

RIC loans are helping build a stronger regional Australia through thriving regions. Read more about our 4 loan products.