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Water infrastructure loans

​​Who can apply

State and territory governments


$10 million or more


Apply anytime


You may apply for this loan if you are a state or territory government with an eligible project. You can also partner with a state or territory government to apply.


  • are a state or territory government
  • have the written support of the state or territory minister responsible for water infrastructure
  • have (or will have) the necessary government regulatory and planning approvals you need to start construction

Your project

  • is major water infrastructure such as a dam, weir, pipeline, managed groundwater (aquifer) recharge or waste water treatment and reuse scheme
  • is ready to begin construction
  • is consistent with National Water Initiative principles
  • will be economically viable over its proposed operational life

Our investment

  • is only for projects that meet our loan objectives
  • must be at least $10 million
  • will be no more than 49% of the total project cost (total for all Australian Government funding)


Co-funding state and territory governments, to build and improve regional water infrastructure.

Loan objectives

  • build sustainable water infrastructure
  • provide affordable water for productive use
  • enhance water security
  • support regional economic growth

You cannot use this loan for

  • administration costs associated with the project
  • buying land
  • debt restructuring or refinancing
  • maintenance and replacement costs
  • marketing or promotional materials
  • ongoing operational costs
  • other infrastructure (roads, rail, energy)
  • pre-feasibility or feasibility activities
  • previously completed activities
  • private on-farm water projects
  • recreational or social use water projects
  • standalone hydroelectric or pumped-hydroelectric projects
  • safety upgrades
  • projects primarily for urban or potable water
  • projects funded by another Australian Government source (if that funding total exceeds 49% of the total project cost)

Loan terms

Quick facts

Amount $10 million or more Term Up to 30 years
Repayments​ Flexibly structured Early settlement Negotiable
Interest rate On request Apply Anytime

More terms

Funding structure — no more than 49% Australian Government funding, 51% funding contribution assurance by the applicant.

Repayment structure — flexible. Up to 5 years (construction period) can be interest only, then principal and interest for up to 25 years.

Loan agreement — available on request.

Full terms and conditions are available in the loan guidelines.

Before you apply

Talk to us

Contact us to discuss your project.​

You need to check

You need to have

  • delegation to apply for the loan
  • evidence your project aligns with the National Water Initiative
  • plans that comply with the Murray Darling Basin Plan, if required
  • regulatory, environmental and Native Title approvals required to begin construction
  • written support from the state or territory minister


Email your completed form and all required documents to info@ric​


Help and support

After you apply

We will assess your application against eligibility and assessment criteria in the loan guidelines.

Applications will be accepted until we commit all loan funds, or 30 June 2026.

We will contact you in writing to confirm your loan outcome.

Appealing a decision

You cannot appeal a loan decision.

You can contact us and request feedback. You may use this to revise and resubmit your application​.​

Contact us

We are here to help.



For a copy of the guidelines contact us through our online contact form

Application form

Complete the application form and send it with supporting documents to


National Water Initiative

Your project must align with National Water Initiative principles.

You must show that you will meet these principles in:

  • how you manage the project
  • use of water resources for the project

Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Your project may need to comply with the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

This includes projects:

  • located in the basin
  • using water resources from the basin

Check requirements of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.