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Agriculture looks different today

That's why RIC is here to help Australian farmers.

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Strengthening Australian agriculture

Funded by the Australian Government, RIC offers low-interest loans to farm businesses to strengthen Australian agriculture and build thriving regional communities.

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RIC loans help Australian farm businesses recover and prepare in challenging times and support new and next-generation farmers to grow the agricultural industry.

Agriculture looks different today.

That's why RIC is here to help.

Our low-interest loans support eligible farmers who have experienced a severe financial downturn from impacts like drought, natural disasters or a biosecurity risk.

RIC loans also help new and next-generation farmers with their agribusiness plans.

Use our loans to: refinance farm business debt; help to improve cash flow; recover and prepare from unexpected climate impacts; diversify; upgrade and invest; start up, or take on the family farm.

Funded by the Australian Government, we offer loans that work for your farm business during challenging times.

Together, we’re strengthening Australian agriculture and building thriving regional communities.

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RIC will host a free online webinar on Wednesday, 28 February 2024 for farmers, financial advisers, business planners and rural counsellors who are interested in learning more about how a low-interest RIC Drought Loan may be able to help prepare for, manage through or recover from drought.