Information Publication Scheme

Government agencies are expected to take an active approach to sharing information with the public.

The Information Publication Scheme details the types of information government must actively share. This is a part of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).

As an Australian Government agency, the Regional Investment Corporation must meet these requirements.

Our approach

We intend to foster a culture of appropriate information sharing.

We are committed to:

  • publishing information about our agency, including anything required under s 8(2) of the FOI Act
  • maintaining this website to keep information current and accessible to the public

Explore the links available on this page for more detail.

Who we are

As a new agency, we are finalising our structure. When it is ready, we will publish it on this website.

On 13 December 2018, our board appointed Mr Bruce King as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

What we do

Annual reports

Our annual report details our activities and performance (including our financial statements). Read our 2017-18 Annual Report .


Public consultations

We are not currently running any consultations with the public.

You will be able to access open consultations through this website.

Requests under FOI

Access documents previously released under FOI requests or make your own request.

Reports and responses to Parliament

We were established on 1 July 2018. As a new agency, we have not yet provided any reports or made any responses to Parliament.

Future reports and responses to Parliament will be accessible here.

Operational information

Our operating mandate is issued to us by our responsible Ministers. This details the Australian Government’s expectations, including:

  • our objectives
  • how we will perform our role

We detail our approach to this in the relevant loan guidelines. This includes loan eligibility, terms, decisions and appeals.

Check the resources section on each loan page. Visit Our Loans.

Our decision-making powers are set by the Regional Investment Corporation Act 2018.