Corporate Plans

The RIC Corporate Plan sets our direction for the next year. It details our purpose and what we will do to meet our objectives.

It also establishes the ways we will measure our performance, to make sure we are delivering the best possible outcomes.


Corporate Plan 2023/24

We aim to have a positive impact on Regional Australia and the agriculture industry by providing capital to stimulate the growth, resilience, and sustainability of Australia’s agricultural economy. Through our customer experience principles and new insourced business model, we aim to maintain a customer satisfaction rating of above 80%.

Corporate Plan 2022-23 cover

Corporate Plan 2022/23

One of the RIC's performance targets in 2022 is to deliver a decision on 85 per cent of loan applications within 30 RIC-handling days to provide our customers with certainty as quickly as possible.

Corporate Plan 2021/22 cover

Corporate Plan 2021/22

The RIC is focused on managing a loan portfolio of more than 2,770 approved loans as at 30 June 2021 and developing ongoing customer relationships.

Corporate Plan 20/21 front cover image

Corporate Plan 2020/21

The RIC will continue to play an important role in contributing to the government's policy objective to help farmers and rural communities to prosper. 

Corporate Plan 19/20 front cover image

Corporate Plan 2019/20

The RIC will develop new and improved products and services that encourage continued growth and resilience in rural and regional communities.

Corporate Plan 18/19 front cover image

Corporate Plan 2018/19

As a new entity, the RIC is committed to building its corporate capacity and capability to meet its objectives, now and into the future.