RIC loan process

Unprecedented demand has affected loan processing times. Once a RIC application is confirmed to be completed, the median time to settlement is about 10 months (as at November 2020).

A RIC loan is a partnership between your farm business, your commercial lender and us, the RIC. When applying for a RIC loan your application will follow this 4 step process.

Step 1: Application received and checked to make sure it is complete
Step 2: Your application information is uploaded for assessment
Step 3: Application assessment and decision
Step 4: Application quality assurance check and settlement
Ensure your application is complete, accurate and signed
The RIC will contact you to provide an update on the status of your application
The RIC will contact you to discuss your loan application
Your bank will be in contact during this stage to finalise settlement

Times will differ depending on each individual application. The RIC is focused on improving loan processing times. The RIC will be in regular contact to keep you updated with how your application is progressing.

The Federal Government’s recent funding announcement included operational funding for the RIC to be spent on a range of improvement initiatives. These improvements will allow the RIC to streamline the process and hire new team members to support demand.