Impact and outcomes delivered

Agriculture is directly linked to the success of rural and regional Australia and is central to the social fabric of these communities and their way of life. 

Small farm businesses play a major role by employing 79% of the national agricultural workforce. (Source: ABS 2021-22)   

RIC low-interest loans directly benefit farm and farm-related businesses, saving them thousands of dollars in interest payments each year.


Our customer footprint

RIC loans are available to eligible farm and farm-related businesses across Australia.

Map of RIC customer coverage across Australia

Map of Australia with RIC customer footprint.

Supporting regional investment

Independent economic modelling shows RIC loans have a valuable impact beyond on-farm investment alone.

RIC loans provide financial relief when farmers need it most, supporting recovery by increasing farm business production, income, and expenditure.

The flow-on effect creates economic activity in regional areas, benefiting regional community growth and the wider Australian economy.

Loans repaid to the Australian Government can then be reallocated to fund other programs.



Source: BDO EconSearch August 2023

Improving financial wellness and climate resilience for Australian farmers

Developed through independent research, the RIC Farm Loans Customer Insights Report 2023 explores what RIC loans mean to our customers, their outlook for their farm business and the agriculture industry.

We’re proud to support our customers to get their farm businesses back on track after challenging times. A RIC low-interest loan can make a difference in a big way.

This is what customers told us:


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