Accountability and reporting

We aim to be transparent, fair and ethical.

We publish information about our decisions and operations to:

  • maintain the credibility and integrity of our service
  • meet our legislative obligations

We report to two Ministers: the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources and the Minister for Finance. An independent board also oversees our operations.

Our legislative obligations

We are a corporate Commonwealth entity. Our functions and priorities are set by:

Corporate plan

Our purpose is to encourage growth, investment and resilience in:

  • Australian farm businesses
  • rural and regional communities

We do this by delivering loans to farmers and farm-related small businesses.


Our corporate plan details how we will deliver on this purpose.

Annual report

Our annual report details our activities and performance (including our financial statements). 

Read our 2018-19 Annual Report .

Read our 2017-18 Annual Report .

Freedom of Information

We make information we hold available in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Access to documents

You can request access to documents we hold at any time.

Information Publication Scheme

We aim to make information about our purpose, functions and powers easy to access on this website.

Find out how we publish information on this website.

Portfolio budget statements

Our budget is detailed in:

Contracts and procurement

We report all contracts with a value of $80,000 (GST inclusive) on Aus Tender as a requirement of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

In accordance with the Senate Order for Entity Contracts (the Murray Motion), we also publish a list of our contracts with an estimated value of $100,000 or more (GST inclusive).

Executive remuneration

We will publish details of pay and other remuneration for our senior executive and other highly paid employees at the end of each financial year.

Indexed list of files

We will publish an indexed list of files twice a year. This is required by the Senate Procedural Orders of Continuing Effect.

Excluded from this list are files relating to cases or internal administration, and files transferred to the National Archives.

Our first list will be published in January 2019.