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RIC loan process

A RIC loan is a partnership between your farm business, your commercial lender and us, the RIC.


Before you apply

  • Speak with your commercial bank to let them know you're interested in a RIC loan.
  • Contact us if you have any questions.

What is the loan application process?

  • Submit your loan application

    After you submit your completed and signed application, we check if all necessary information is provided. We will contact you if anything is missing.

  • Your application is assessed

    We will contact you, your rural financial counsellor and commercial bank to understand your business and confirm details.

  • Decision and documentation

    If your application is approved we prepare documents for signing including the deed of priority. If it's declined you can appeal that decision.  

  • Settlement

    We arrange settlement with your bank and deliver the agreed funds.

How long will my loan application take to be assessed?

Eighty-five per cent of new loan applications are being processed by the RIC within 30 days (excluding third party processing timeframes).